Welcome to the island of Käringön

Käringön is one of the most westerly populated islands in Sweden, a granite rock way out in the archipelago, two kilometers out from the coast, in the Skagerack Ocean.

People have lived and worked here for more than 500 years. Farmers came out here for the good fishing waters and built the first houses around the 15thcentury. Today people come here to relax, get peace and breathe in the fresh air. There are no vehicles on Käringön and the buildings are traditional genuine old wood houses, built and designed by fishermen and sea-captains and their families.

Käringön has an attractive and well protected harbor for guest boats. There are four hotels, bed and breakfast, guesthouses and many private rooms to rent for visitors. The island has 3-4 restaurants and coffee shops, the most famous are “Petersons krog” and “Karingo Oysterbar”, where people come from all over the world to enjoy the fresh seafood and fantastic views. The grocery shop in the harbor is open all year around and there are lots of activities for visitors.

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Welcome to the wonderful Swedish west coast, and way out west to the fantastic island of Käringön!